New Vesrion of IPSW Downloader is here!

After few days of hard work, I'm proud to introduce you the IPSW Downloader v 2.6.1!
The new version is very different from the others.

So what's new?
first (ofcourse), 5.0.1 has added for all the supported devices:

The interesting, and one of the upgrades (maybe the best thing in the new upgrades) is the MDI window.
I really hate the two different windows, so I made one window.
You can now choose your iDevice and firmware, click next, start downloading and go back to see the info about the downlaoded IPSW.
I started downloading the 5.0.1 for iPod Touch 4G

Then pressed on "Back" and... Walla! you can see the previous window!

Now... wanna see the downloading process?
I'm fine with that, just click "Next" and you'll be returned to the downloading window.
as you can see, the downloading didn't stop, it continues!

Another great thing is the percents in the headline.
You hate my design? don't want to see my software while downloading?
First, you can send me an email with this problem, I'll be happy to read every bad and good thing on my program.
Second, you don't have to see my software while it's downloading! just minimize it and you'll be able to see it in the taskbar.

Also, I recived a request to change the order of the iOS, so now the newest version is on the top of the list, and the oldest is in the bottom of the list.

I really hope you'll enjoy this version!

Please, if you like this program and you want to help improve it, you can do 2 simple things:
1. Send an email to applicsn0w@windowslive.com with any idea to improve or fix the program.
2. Donate us so we will be able to give you the best program we can give you.


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