Marry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!

So, I guees you have heard about the untethered for 5.0.1 that @Pos2g have found.
First, I would like to mention the donation possibility to him here for his excellent work!
Second, due to his jailbreak, I released an unexcpected version of IPSW Downloader, version 2.6.2, which includes several new things.

The first new featureis the "Check for Update"!
Finally, there is a nice solution for checking updates.
It will show you as the first thing that comes up.
You will be given the a message when program starts, looks like this:

If you prees "Yes", you will be taken to the blog and tou will be able to download the newer version, otherwise, the program will continue working as usual.
There is no doubt, I added the new 5.0.1 for iPhone 4S (build 9S406) and added Apple TV 4.4.4.

The most important is the new jailbreak!
I added it 5 minuets after the releasing:

Ofcourse, Redsn0w was updated to 0.9.10b3 (one reason for the delay, I knew it would be updated, so I was waiting).

That's it for now.
I'll release new version very soon, you'll know about this :)